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Multidisciplinary Partner at every stage of your development.

Setting up a company in Poland with PKF could be simple and efficiency. Our team of experienced experts will guide you through the entire process from A to Z - from the idea for a start-up to establishing a company.

Use the knowledge and experience of our legal, tax and accounting advisers. Make conscious business decisions.

Download our guides and find out that setting up your own company in Poland does not have to be difficult:




Starting cooperation with us at the very beginning of your company start-up, you do not have to seek the help of a law firm or accounting office separately. By working with us, you get comprehensive help in setting up a company and service provided by a team of professionals: legal advisors, tax advisors and experienced accountants.

By working with PKF Poland, you can be sure that you are choosing a competent Business Partner who will help you not only to open a company in Poland, but above all in making important business decisions. 

By choosing us you can be sure that:

  • We will advise you on what legal form will be best for your business and why.
  • We will help you deal with all formal and legal aspects related to establishing a company.
  • We will help in setting up bank accounts and reporting all necessary information to public institutions.
  • We will handle your corporate affairs.
  • We will provide administration and secretarial services, and provide the registered office address if necessary.
  • We will keep your books and prepare all reports.
  • We will settle your taxes, submit all tax declarations and information required by law.
  • We will handle employee matters, calculate payrolls and handle all personnel matters.
  • We will write regulations and procedures for you.
  • We will design a tailored management accounting and controlling system to provide the necessary information to make business decisions.
  • Our experts will constantly provide legal and tax consultancy
  • We will support in obtaining financing
  • We will help in the preparation of a business plan, including the preparation of a financial model and writing a document
  • We will prepare the company in dealings with investors, including the due diligence that will be carried out by potential investors
  • We will appraise: a company, part of an enterprise, significant assets (new technologies, signs, brand, real estate).

At your disposal we dedicate modern systems and technologies tailored to the needs and specifics so that you can have access to your company's data on an ongoing basis!

Benefit from over 30 years of knowledge and experience of experts from many fields. Make fast and accurate business decisions with our help.

Build your company's competitive advantage!

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Do you think about starting a business in Poland?

You’re not sure which legal form of the company will be the most advantageous?

Do you want to start and develop a company, but are afraid that you’ll unknowingly fail to complete the necessary formalities when setting up a company or, what is worse, you will make decisions that will have negative financial or legal consequences? 

Contact our experts!


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