Internal audit and compliance

Every organization is a series of processes, and each of the processes in an organization - starting with the smallest and ending with the most extensive - is an element of management that requires periodic inspection.

Internal control, in turn, is the actions taken to ensure not only the proper functioning, but also the maintenance and constant improvement of the quality of work.

Supported by experts who have multidimensional experience in areas such as internal audit, compliance or risk management - it enables a comprehensive, optimal and effective view of strategic management objectives.

1. Consulting in the process of designing, implementing and evaluating internal control systems

Consulting in the process of designing, implementing and evaluating internal control systems for all or selected areas of the company.

Internal audit is also a process influencing such areas as optimization of internal control mechanisms. Through an independent and objective assessment or support of an external entity, it gives an effect in the form of a possibility to release human resources potential inside the organization for the implementation of tasks of a different nature.

With the help of control process consulting services, the company's internal audit will identify objectives and points through which we can expect to increase the sense of conscious and responsible approach to the tasks carried out.

Audit and internal control is certainly the best formula to emphasize the essence of functioning mechanisms. Internal audit methods focus on key issues for the company, allowing internal control bodies to focus on other activities at the same time.

2. Internal audit (co-sourcing & outsourcing)

Support in the implementation of audit tasks carried out by the internal audit department in the form of co-sourcing or outsourcing.

The objectives of internal audit are strictly defined for individual units, but as an independent and objective body, our company is first and foremost a partner in making business decisions.

The internal audit report, as a synthetic set of issues to assess the compliance of the actual state of affairs with the existing procedures, thanks to its basic functions - advisory and ensuring, allows a systematic and structured evaluation of processes within the organization.

The stages of internal audit include the implementation of tasks from specific areas in accordance with the respect of the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (hereinafter: International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing).


Complete outsourcing of tasks including the development of an internal audit report or selected elements of the report to outside organizations.

Obszary audytu wewnętrznego są poddawane ocenie poprzez bieżącą współpracę wewnętrznych komórek kontroli z wyspecjalizowanym doradcą.

3. Specialized audits

Perform specialized audits (using industry experts, specialists in a specific area of expertise) including forensic audits.

In order to increase the management's confidence in the correct functioning of processes in the organization and to raise their quality, internal audit methods and, as a result, the report are adjusted to specific industry requirements as well as individual requirements of the ordering party.

4. Compliance processes

Support in identifying and assessing risks for action planning.

Compliance is also about ensuring an effective specialist approach to risk management within an organization. A compliance policy that is properly tailored to the entity goes a long way in ensuring that the risk appetite is appropriately, i.e. adequate and aligned with the objectives and corporate governance of the entity.

The compliance policy is based on a conscious recognition and evaluation of the most appropriate forms of risk control for the organisation and the control of actions taken in response to incidents. Compliance also includes the balanced handling of incidents in areas such as compliance with laws and regulations, the market environment and industry requirements, financial events, the IT and technology environment, and the impact on the external environment.

Internal audit and compliance capture in a transparent and orderly manner the overall strategic objectives through the identification of compliance risks and the determination of their materiality levels. As one of the basic stages of implementing an effective security system, they are the foundation of business continuity plans of entities.

In turn, the transparent location of the entity among the surrounding legal norms and external factors, allows its protection by minimizing the likelihood of materialization of undesirable events.

Tangible benefits:

Compliance policy, thanks to a reliably and transparently designed risk map, offering a holistic approach to risk management in the organization, gives a measurable effect in the form of providing the entity with an additional guarantee of protection in the event of adverse events.

Extra assurance is nothing more than, deliberate pre-planned actions to eliminate chaotic behavior during an incident event.

5. Building an internal audit and compliance function from A to Z

Consulting in the process of building the internal audit and compliance function in the organization.

Our company offers comprehensive design and active participation in the implementation of a complete internal control process. We also act as an advisory body when building internal audit units and compliance functions.

By cooperating with our experts in the development of action concepts, internal regulations or model documents, you ensure a holistic approach to your tasks and a high degree of independence and quality in the planning and implementation of compliance processes in your company.

The ability to benefit from knowledge of industry best practices in this area enables you to select not only specialized tools, but also to pay attention to prevailing trends in the business environment.

We provide Internal audit and compliance and other services throughout Poland in regional offices in Warsaw, Łódź and Poznań, Opole, Wrocław, Katowice, Lublin, Gdańsk and Zielona Góra.

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