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Taxes are like a labyrinth where
it is easy to lose your way. 
Our task is to provide you with a map.

We are aware of all tax and legal problems you face every day you run your business. Frequent changes in regulations and doubts concerning their application do not make anything easier. In order to deal with the arising problems, we try to find the so-called golden mean.

Considering all risks entailed by tax decisions, and bearing in mind financial and economic security of our Clients, we offer you substantive support within the services rendered in connection with tax law, as well as financial regulations concerning the investments of our Clients. 

We enable our Clients to take the right tax-related decisions at all stages of their business activity. The tax advisory services we render consist in responding to tax-related problems faced by our Clients.

We help businesses manage the risk involved in transfer pricing, which results in the elimination of tax risk related to the transactions made between affiliated entities. 

The application of the tax relief related to research and development works carried out in 2016 makes it possible to charge up to 130% of the so-called ‘eligible costs’ to tax deductible expenses, by recognising their actual value as a tax deductible expense and then by applying a deduction from the tax base again from 10% to 30% of these costs.

Conclusions drawn from legal and tax analyses carried out by our specialists show our Clients the further direction of the tax policy in their companies. We indicate risks and risk areas in relation to tax issues, and we identify potential tax savings.  

At any stage of pending tax and control proceedings, we render advisory services to our Clients and represent them before tax authorities, also in court and administrative proceedings. 

We provide advice and carry out comprehensive registration proceedings for economic entities, and we submit all applications required by tax regulations. 

Transformation of the legal form, divisions and mergers of companies provide a number of opportunities for the development, the lowering of operating costs and the market expansion of a company. Our advisors are at your disposal at any stage of transformation. 

A detailed analysis of the company’s activity is one of the bases for investment decisions. 

A well-designed corporate tax strategy ensures tax-related security as well as tax-related predictability and stability in the business.

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