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The stakeholders of financial reports expect reliable and prompt information. Our task is to satisfy their needs.

As a leading auditing company, we offer a full range of services related to the financial review, performed in accordance with the established rules of auditing financial statements: International Standards of Auditing and National Audit Standards. 

We take pride in our extensive experience in the field of financial audit. The largest financial institutions present on both domestic and international markets may certify to our competence in that area.  

For the past few years we have been occupying the first positions in rankings of auditing companies offering services to stock-listed companies. For over 10 years the rankings published have placed us among the top ten largest auditing companies. 


Thanks to transparency and high reliability it is easier to gain access to the resources of the broad capital market. A large number of debuts and the development of the Warsaw Stock Exchange prove that the trading floor is an attractive source of capital. 

Audit of film production in accordance with the guidelines of the Polish Film Institute.

A detailed analysis of the activity of entities is one of the bases for investment decisions. 

Business development with the use of funding received from the funds of the European Union and the World Bank entails the necessity for the auditor’s certification of expenditure on the implementation of projects, accounting systems and internal control, as well as settlement documents. 

The Commercial Companies Code determines situations when it is necessary to audit certain plans, valuations and other documents. Pursuant to the provisions of the Commercial Companies Code, such audits can be performed only by statutory auditors. 

The conducting of business activity, the employment of workers, the performance of tasks and projects, and other activities you undertake entail risks you should be prepared to. A well-functioning internal control system not only supports the prevention of risks, but also makes it possible for your company to develop in a safe and stable way. 

We can meet your needs by providing you with services concerning the verification, review or performance of the agreed procedures, which means the rendering of certification services other than the auditing of financial information. 

Economic development, new technologies and ingenuity of entrepreneurs result in constant changes in the accounting and reporting standards, generating new, previously unknown problems that need to be solved. Entrusting us with finding such solutions, Clients can feel at ease and focus on their core business. 

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