Business due diligence

Detailed analysis of the activities of business entities is one of the bases for sound investment decisions. 

Business due diligence is an analysis of a company, aimed at the assessment and verification of the processes which affect its corporate business quality. In most cases, business due diligence focuses on the following three areas:

Analysis of the market Where the company functions, its size and structures, estimated share in the market, stability or seasonal nature, and demand dynamics. An analysis of the largest suppliers and clients, and all the risks they entail.

Analysis of the competitive environment Focused on information about the number and structure of market shares of the most important competitors, it provides a map of strategic groups and the way the entity competes on the given market.

Sales analysis Verifyingthe sales range, including trading names, product lifecycles, substitute and complementary goods, as well as quality characteristics. The prices offered and the way they are established are also part of this, alongside an analysis of individual distribution channels, their effectiveness and marketing activity. 

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Business Due diligence
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