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Investor Relations

Our goal is to enable our Clients to effectively communicate with the investors with particular emphasis on the fulfillment of information duties.

Investor relations is a clear, efficient and smooth flow of information between the Company and capital market participants. Ensuring by the Company an appropriate information policy serves to build the image of a transparent subject and confidence among capital market participants, but also:

  • attain market valuation,
  • improve liquidity.
  • stop regulatory intervention,
  • gain a competitive advantage in product markets,
  • reduce market volatility,
  • build the loyalty of investors,
  • reduce the costs of raising capital,
  • increase interest of analysts and the media,
  • increase the efficiency of management of potential crises.

We offer practical knowledge and experience related to the capital market and therefore to provide a comprehensive product we do not limit ourselves solely to advisory on the fulfillment of information obligations, but we join in one actions from the field of PR, marketing, financial analysis and investment banking, which allows you to present to participants of capital market a complete picture of the Company, including its results and prospects for development in the context of your business environment/industry.

The actions undertaken by PKF:

  • Audit of existing activities in the field of IR - analysis of competitive advantages, analysis of business and communication risks,
  • Preparation of a IR strategy,
  • Support in fulfilling reporting obligations,
  • Ongoing advice on effective communication with capital market participants,
  • Preparation of substantive concept of the website and support in the current modification of the content on corporate site,
  • Preparation of information materials for investors, analysts and fund managers,
  • Expert advice in the preparation of general meetings,
  • Training in communication with the capital market and the information obligations of public companies for management and those responsible for communication,
  • Development of communication strategies and organization of the grand debut (WSE / NewConnect / Catalyst).
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