A detailed analysis of the company’s activity is one of the bases for investment decisions. 

Credibility and reliability of all data used to make a decision is particularly important to investors. Due diligence is a tool minimising the investment-related risk. The use of due diligence services by the investors allows to lower the risk of the future outflow of financial resources due to mistakes in estimates, legal status of assets and other issues. Over the last decade, it has been clear that the Polish investors pay more and more attention to such analyses. Unfortunately, companies still suffer substantial losses resulting from the lack of experience related to procedures and the performance of due diligence, the consequences of which include excessive costs of the analysis, its limited scope and accuracy. These in turn, badly affect the quality of information which is the basis for the making of the crucial decision whether to invest or not.

Due diligence services that we perform are rendered by our specialised team of experts having the highest level of competence in balance law, finance, taxation, commercial, civil and labour law, as well as other fields when necessary. We guarantee not only reliability and objectivity but also full confidentiality of the information received. In the due diligence process, we also cooperate with appointed employees of the company analysed, in the scope necessary to ensure correct work organisation.

As our experience indicates, the basic analysis should cover the following aspects:

  • Business,
  • Finance,
  • Taxation,
  • Legal status of the company and its:
    • Assets,
    • Binding contracts.

However, when we deal with a costly transaction, a complex structure of the entity acquired and/or doubts as to the transparency of the company’s assets, we duly advise to perform a full due diligence covering also an analysis of:

  • Human resources management – including personnel structures of a company in terms of education, skills, competence, age, remuneration packages, as well as the so-called „family links”, both external and internal ones – limited to the top management and key employees,
  • Technical (technological) issues – oriented towards an assessment of the output and technological potential,
  • Organisational issues – focusing on the identification of power structures and their effectiveness,
  • Psychological, ethical and moral issues – focusing on the sphere of interpersonal relationships, as well as the attitudes of employees and employers,
  • Information-related issues – assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of the gathering and flow of information,
  • Protection of the company’s intellectual resources and information sensitive to its functioning. 

We provide our services throughout Poland in regional offices in Warsaw, Łódź and Poznań, Opole, Wrocław, Katowice, Lublin, Gdańsk.

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