Stakeholders of financial statements expect reliable and fast information. Our role is to meet their needs.

For the past few years we have been occupying the first positions in rankings of auditing companies offering services to stock-listed companies. For over 10 years the rankings published have placed us among the top ten largest auditing companies. 

Our competence in auditing is confirmed by the largest financial institutions on the Polish and foreign markets. As one of few companies we hold the accreditation of the World Bank and the titles “Primary Market Leader” and “Partner Company for Small and Medium Enterprises” awarded by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In order to ensure the best possible quality of the services rendered, we have implemented quality assurance procedures in accordance not only with national but also international financial auditing standards. We establish good, long-lasting relationships with Clients, sharing our knowledge, experience and resources.

The methodology we use is based on national and international financial auditing standards. In the economic environment where more and more emphasis is placed on the auditors’ independence, responsibility and corporate governance Clients can fully trust our methodology. We focus mostly on the understanding of the activity and the specificity of our Client’s business, in order to identify risks and plan the audit procedures. In consequence, the conclusions from the work performed form the added value for our Clients and make it possible to streamline the internal procedures and processes.

The services we render include:

  • Auditing the statutory financial statements,
  • Auditing individual and consolidated statements drawn up in accordance with IFRS,
  • Reviewing individual and consolidated reports of the issuers of securities.

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