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Capital is the fuel for business development. We show you how to acquire it and suggest the fastest ways of doing so. 

Our services

To our Clients we provide a wide range of services on the capital market, realized by our team of experts with many years of experience.

We try to be comprehensive in the fulfillment of our role in the process of raising capital. We apply a formula of cooperation in which we not only take procedural-operational actions but above all contribute to the foundations of the undertaking and supervise its implementation.

The experience of our team members indicates that one of the key factors determining the successful and efficient realization of entrepreneurs capital plans is to develop a conception of cooperation that reflects both the idea of the Client as an entity best versed in the reality of his industry, as well as the advisor which is our company.

We offer our clients following services:

  • Feasibility analysis of the assumed capital plans;
  • Development of concept and detailed design for capital ventures;
  • Conducting business valuations;
  • Organization and carrying out of the advising process on raising capital through:
  1. private placement of shares,
  2. first public issue of shares,
  3. succeeding public or private issues of shares,

    a) open issues - addressed to the unmarked recipients,
    b) emissions with priority rights - addressed to existing shareholders,
    c) emissions addressed to selected investors,
    d) connection emissions - associated with the process of merger.

  4. public and private bond issues:

    a) normal bonds,
    b) convertible bonds,
    c) revenue bonds,
    d) perpetual debentures,
    e) bonds with priority rights to acquire shares,
    f) participatory bonds.
  • Organization and carrying out of the process of advisory on the admission and introduction of financial instruments to regulated trading:
  1. on the stock exchange - shares or bonds,
  2. in the alternative trading system (ATS) NewConnect - stocks,
  3. in the alternative trading system Catalyst - bonds
  • Preparation of comprehensive documentation of the issue, related to:
  1. issuance of debt instruments (mostly bonds)
  2. issuance of shares,
  3. admission and introduction of financial instruments to trading on the Stock Exchange Market or to the ATS (NewConnect and Catalyst) including:

    a) agreement to acquire shares in a private placement,
    b) conditions of the bond issuance,
    c) proposal of bonds acquisition,
    d) Prospectus of shares or bonds,
    e) Information Memorandum,
    f) Information Document or Information Note.
  • Preparation of comprehensive documentation relating to:
  1. dematerialization (depositing) of financial instruments in the Central Securities Depository,
  2. admission/introduction of financial instruments to trading on the WSE.
  • Acting as an Authorized Adviser to the issuer in the ATS (NewConnect or Catalyst).

We complement our main range of services with a range of services associated with the implementation of projects on the capital market:

  1. Advisory and comprehensive participation in the process of mergers or acquisitions.
  2. Participation in the creation of incentive programs for employees.
  3. Valuation of the collateral issues of financial instruments.
  4. Representation of the Client in contacts with other market participants.
  5. Audit (review) of financial statements.
  6. Communication with the market and investors: 

    a) investor relations,
    b) public relations.

  7. Internal communication.

If you have any questions or concerns - please contact us.

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