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MitSoft e-financial statement

MitSoft e-financial statement is a program used to generate e-financial statements in XML logical structures 

How does it work?

e-financial statement is an application that allows you to prepare statements in electronic form as well as in the appropriate logical structure and format. The logical structures of financial statements were published by the Ministry of Finance and are available on its website.

To meet the expectations of our customers, we offer you MitSoft programme – for creating and editing e-financial statements, which has been created with the substantive involvement of PKF experts.

MitSoft e-Financial Statement is a programme that will generate e-financial statements in XML logical structures.

A programme that provides the possibility of preparing financial statements in accordance with Annex 1 to the Accounting Act for one or many NIPs (Tax Identification Number) is currently available – making it possible to prepare a statement for one or many entities.

The application includes an Excel file containing a financial statement template (in .XLS format) developed by PKF experts in accordance with the Accounting Act.

A version that allows you to prepare an e-financial statement in accordance with the model form set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance of September 25, 2009, i.e. a Consolidated Other Entities, is now available.

Basic functions of the solution provided by MitSoft e-financial statement programme include:

  • creating financial statements in logical structures specified by the ministry,
  • possibility to add specific items in individual elements of financial statements,
  • importing a statement from Excel (based on a defined XML template containing a financial statement with additional notes, which is made available together with the application),
  • importing a statement from XML,
  • saving a statement in XML format
  • importing a statement to Excel in XLS format,
  • adding attachments in PDF format,
  • saving/printing the statement in PDF format.

The above functions provide various options for creating financial statements:

  • possibility to import data from an Excel file containing a comprehensive spreadsheet created by PKF for the needs of preparing a complete financial statement, including introduction and additional notes, as well as a number of control mechanisms to ensure the correctness of the financial statement,
  • possibility to prepare financial statements by entering data directly into MitSoft e-financial statement programme,
  • the application also allows "reading" the financial statements prepared in the format required by the ministry in XML form, by converting it to excel or/and PDF.

The application is dedicated for preparation of e-financial statements for entities entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register (KRS) that do not prepare financial statements in accordance with International Accounting Standards (IAS), as well as can be used by accountancy offices that provide reporting services for this type of entities.

The prepared e-financial statement saved in XML format is in accordance with the applicable logical structures of XSD and can be sent to the National Court Register via an IT system made available by the Ministry of Finance[JS2] .

  • Do you need help with submitting your e-financial statements?
  • You do not have software and you need expert knowledge in the field of e-financial statements?

Contact us and order MitSoft e-financial statement 

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