Accounting team

The qualifications of our experts, confirmed by state examinations, have been enhanced by the experience of PKF’s over 28 years of operating in Poland, and 52 years around the world. 

We make a good team of professionals whose job is their passion. We develop, share our knowledge and constantly take up new challenges. A careful selection of project teams from the best-suited personnel, adjusted to the characteristics of the business, guarantees the professionalism of the services we render.

We act as a team and achieve successes together.

CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANTS are a team of chartered accountants who – led by an auditor – manage teams of professional accountants performing services related to financial and management accounting, as well as HR and payroll.

Project team

Department Director
(a person holding a licence of the Ministry of Finance for the provision of bookkeeping services or a statutory auditor)

Supervises projects carried out by Coordinators; performs periodical verification of the project work. In the case of non-standard operations and settlements, provides the Coordinator with assistance and participates in meetings with Clients. Verifies annual financial statements as part of the service quality control.

Project Coordinator
(a person holding a licence of the Ministry of Finance for the provision of bookkeeping services or a statutory auditor)

Serves as a Client consultant, maintaining ongoing contacts. The Coordinator is responsible for the organisation of project work, so that it is performed in a reliable and prompt manner. Verifies the work performed by assistants. Prepares annual financial statements, confirming this by signing the Client’s statements.

Assistant Coordinators

Keep records, assign documents, prepare lists and analyses to be verified by the Coordinator.


Technical team

Technical team coordinator

Operational Director of PKF BPO Sadowska-Malczewska
A Statutory Auditor


Technical team:

  • Supports both the project team and the Client in relation to the interpretation of detailed issues concerning accounting, tax on events and transactions, which were not defined or specified in the legal system.
  • Prepares PKF’s opinions which uniform the quality of work performed in relation to accounting and tax services. 
  • Supervises the quality systems of projects carried out for the Clients by the PKF Group.


Technical team coordinator

for Accounting
A Statutory Auditor


Technical team coordinator

for tax-related issues

A Tax Advisor


Technical team coordinator

for quality control 
Director for Technical Issues and Quality Systems of PKF International