Tax and legal audit

Conclusions drawn from legal and tax analyses carried out by our specialists show our Clients the further direction of the tax policy in their companies. We indicate risks and risk areas in relation to tax issues, and we identify potential tax savings.  

Audit / due diligence in the field of taxation includes periodical checks whether the subject of taxation and the tax basis are determined in a correct way, and whether economic events are correctly classified in view of tax regulations, which – in case any irregularities are discovered – allows our Clients to avoid penalties imposed by tax audit authorities.

When carrying out tax audits, we consider the following criteria:

  • The accuracy of all data, i.e. whether they comply with applicable legal regulations,
  • The correctness of the qualification of individual economic events from the perspective of tax laws and their secondary legislation.

As part of our work, we analyse in particular:

  • Procedures used by a company to determine the tax basis for the taxes analysed;
  • Non-standard transactions, as well as other events having impact on the company’s tax result in the period analysed.

Standard operations, such as recurrent purchase and sales invoices, are checked on a random basis, while non-standard operations are verified in detail, in order to obtain a rational basis for the assessment whether tax regulations are applied correctly and to indicate potential risk areas.

Thanks to tax audits carried out by our specialists, Clients gain time needed to take appropriate measures to implement corrections and to avoid – in full accordance with the law – criminal and fiscal penalties. 

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