Other certification services

We can meet your needs by providing you with services concerning the verification, review or performance of the agreed procedures, which means the rendering of certification services other than the auditing of financial information. 

The aim of other certification services is to support your development, and to increase the reliability and safety of the transactions concluded. These services ensure independent confirmation of data which is of a certain value to you or for which you are responsible.

Such services are rendered in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Auditing Standards (ISA) and applicable national standards.

The services can concern the confirmation of:

  • The forecast financial information published in prospectuses,
  • Assumptions and data included in budgets and other financial plans (such as financial budgets for banks necessary to obtain funding),
  • The actual state of the chosen data in relation to the performance of certain transactions,
  • The actual progress of the investment/expenditure,
  • Other data. 

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