Management accounting

A reliable financial analysis is the basis for conscious and sensible management. We will provide you with the information you need. 

Fast, reliable and comprehensive financial information is necessary to verify your company’s existing development strategy and to develop a new one. Services related to management accounting provided by PKF are the bases for conscious and sensible management. We guarantee the provision of fully credible and objective data which will help you predict changes in the company’s financial situation and quickly respond to new circumstances.

As part of management accounting, we offer among others:

  • The development of controlling principles,
  • An analysis of the company’s liquidity,
  • An analysis of profit centres,
  • The budgeting of financial data,
  • The evaluation of financial results,
  • Analyses connected with cost optimisation in the company,
  • The performance of other, more detailed analyses related to management accounting,
  • Ratio analysis,
  • Analyses required annually in connection with the report on the company’s operations.