HR and payroll

HR data and remuneration amounts are of confidential nature. Entrusting such services to PKF experts, you can be sure they are safe. 

Entrusting the handling of HR and payroll issues to PKF experts, you gain support of an experienced partner and a full guarantee that all data are perfectly safe. We ensure appropriate qualifications of our personnel and unrestricted access to the latest sources of knowledge, studies and legal interpretations concerning HR and payroll issues.

As part of HR and payroll services, we offer among others:

  • Personnel records management,
  • The calculation of payroll for various types of employment schemes, including foreigners,
  • The handling of accounts for civil law agreements,
  • The calculation of social security and health insurance contributions,
  • The settling of personal income tax,
  • The preparation of salary transfers,
  • The handling of fiscal, labour and social security inspections,
  • Ongoing guidance on HR and payroll issues, including the employer’s obligations arising from regulations related to OHS, Company Social Benefits Fund, the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons and the Labour Code.