Bookkeeping advisory

Only a well-functioning system of accounting may ensure your company legal safety. We will implement the optimal solutions. 

PKF experts offer professional support in relation to an effective and appropriate accounting system, and particularly in relation to such aspects as: accounting organisation, opinions and evaluations.

We offer support in such fields as:

  • Stocktaking,
  • Accounting policy,
  • Modification or update of the chart of accounts,
  • Verification of the already applied recording schemes.

Opinions and studies on accounting

Our employees have published a number of studies and have extensive experience in accounting, bookkeeping and tax settlements.

Make use of their experience and consult PKF experts. They can offer you professional advice in relation to:

  • The issuing of opinions on book records and financial statements connected with individual economic events,
  • The compilation of financial data,
  • The preparation of reports on the manner and effectiveness of the task performance and obligations of individual divisions and departments of the Client’s company.