Outsourced accounting cuts down operating costs. We save your time and money. 

Professional and reliable accounting services rendered by PKF experts allow our Clients to focus on the development of the key sectors of their company’s activity and bring benefits in a form of lowered costs connected with, among others, the purchase of software and the cost of recruitment and training of the accounting staff.

The service may include:

  • Bookkeeping services for Clients of different sizes, representing various trades, in accordance with:
    • The Accounting Act,
    • International Accounting Standards,
    • Other regulations, as required by the Client,
  • Keeping the register of receivables/liabilities (information on the ageing of receivables, cash flow projections and the monitoring of debtors),
  • Establishing and running other accounting records (for fixed assets, stock, monies, sales, purchases),
  • Catching up on the backlog in accounting records.