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Process management

With PKF Agility you build the perfect model of your organization. We help you to advance the growth of your business.

Digital documentation flow and workflow are only some of PKF Agility features. What is unique about the platform is the integration of data from many sources in one place, as well as the automation of key organization processes and their concentration within one clear platform. Our solution has been developed as a ready-for-use product that only requires to be connected with internal systems and data sources.

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It is a group of processes that allows for automation of key documentation flow, along with workflow management and approval at each level of organization. The workflow process can be applied to all types of documents.

It is a group of processes allowing for the End_to_End management of an employee’s life cycle within the organization – from signing the employment agreement to its termination.

It is a group of processes that support operating activities, logistics and purchases in the organization. It is a perfect solution in case of ordering advertising materials or IT equipment, or managing the employees’ system authorization levels. The process is also used to apply for resources for new employees as part of employing new staff members.

Zarządzanie procesami - platforma PKF Agility
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