The solutions of the PKF Agility platform integrated with our ERP systems are tailored to organizations operating in various structures, systems and procedures, which we had the opportunity to observe at our clients from various industries for almost 30 years.  

The impulse to provide outsourcing of accounting / personnel and payroll outsourcing with the use of PKF Agility was the fact that the best managers, instead of generating profits for the company, spent a significant part of their time on administrative tasks related to the approval of cost documents, delegation, employment, and employee absenteeism, terminating employment contracts, signing and accepting documents, ensuring compliance with regulations, reporting, etc.

By performing these types of administrative and business-related tasks faster and more efficiently, managers can focus on the proper operations of the company.

Control is one of the management attributes, but can it be done more effectively and remotely? This issue concerns almost all companies.

The solutions of the PKF Agility platform, integrated with ERP systems, are tailored to organizations operating in various structures, systems and procedures, which we had the opportunity to observe at our clients from various industries for almost 30 years.

Thanks to our experience and modern tools, we will provide you with bookkeeping, personnel and payroll services as well as management accounting services using innovative solutions.

The PKF Agility platform enables access to all necessary business processes and information in your organization. You will automate and standardize procedures, minimize the time spent on administrative activities and avoid duplication of work in the organization. Importantly, you will have control over the processes taking place in the organization and the certainty that they are carried out in accordance with the law, internal regulations of your company and the rights granted to employees.

Thanks to the integration of the PKF Agility platform with modern financial and accounting systems, on which our experienced teams of specialists will provide accounting, personnel and payroll, you will have constant access to the most important information about your company and your employees.

Thanks to the JET Reports tool, we will provide detailed reporting of financial and employee data in every possible layout. Jet Reports is the most popular reporting and business analysis tool, integrated with our ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV system.

Additionally, JET Reports enable remote access to reports from any place at any time thanks to the use of the JET Reports Mobile application. So at any time you can check, among others receivables, cash, sales or the current financial result.

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We provide our services throughout Poland in regional offices in Warsaw, Łódź and Poznań, Opole, Wrocław, Katowice, Lublin, Gdańsk.

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