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Business support at the time of

The current crisis associated with COVID-19 is a huge challenge for managers, and in the dimension of companies and organizations - it is often a struggle for life.

There are winners and losers in every crisis. However, to win, we must first survive and defend what we have, and then - reborn better and stronger. For this you need current knowledge as to what and how exactly you need to do. The next step are actions that will turn into the expected results.

Our PKF team consists of legal advisors, financial analysts and tax advisors will help you find yourself in the difficult economic situation related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic, as well as in the new reality that awaits us after its end.

We know the possibilities provided by the Anti-Crisis Shield and help entrepreneurs to use them. We also know what - well-known legal solutions - you can use to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis and better organize your business in new circumstances.

Are you afraid that:

  • there is not enough money for salaries and the dismissals are the last, what would you like to do?
  • you do not have the option to pay the loan installments and would like to negotiate its terms?
  • customers will delay payments and you would like to monitor it, secure yourself?
  • you do not have money to pay tax obligations and ZUS charges?
  • suppliers will not provide materials and you will not perform contracted contracts?

Do you need money to keep your business going?

  • new revolving loans
  • investment loans
  • loans
  • factoring, leasing
  • partner with cash contribution

PKF experts

It is a dedicated team of lawyers, tax advisors, restructuring advisors, management, controlling, human resources and payroll experts, which supports employers in obtaining possible support resulting from the regulation of the shield, in all institutions participating in the participation of funds and in all forms of debt relief through cancellation and deferral of payment dates.

We are looking for support for an entrepreneur both in the forms resulting from the regulation of the shield, as well as in areas covered by the issues of banking, civil, corporate, tax and generally - broadly understood commercial law. We analyze, prepare applications on behalf of the client, negotiate and create internal regulations.

What we do - support areas:

Labor law

Our offer in this area includes:

  • verification of the employment status in the enterprise and searching for solutions in the field of its optimization,
  • support regarding changes in employment conditions depending on the employer's needs, including introduction changes in working time distribution and changes in remuneration conditions, in the form of agreements with individuals employees or arrangements concluded with employee representatives,
  • support in organizing remote work,
  • preparing relevant documentation - regulations, contracts, agreements with employee representatives, advice on group layoffs,
  • advice on the possibility of postponing or canceling ZUS contributions,
  • securing the employer in terms of potential employee disputes.
Debt reduction

Our offer in this area includes:

  • analysis of the company's situation from the point of view of the possibilities offered by the Anti-Crisis Shield, including in terms of enterprise size, employment status, economic turnover,
  • an indication of possible solutions to improve business performance in times of crisis and for the future,
  • advice on how to use assistance solutions,
  • assistance in developing appropriate applications for financial assistance,
  • preparation of required internal documents related to the use of financial support, such as agreements with employees or regulations,
  • analysis of civil law contracts in terms of the risk of disputes related to non-performance or improper performance of the contract following the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic,
  • developing contractual provisions preventing or mitigating the effects of force majeure,
  • preparation of necessary documents, including statements on termination or withdrawal from contracts, other statements for contractors, annexes to contracts, agreements, settlements - in particular terms of repayment of liabilities,
  • support in negotiating the conditions for the implementation of cross-border contracts, in cooperation with companies from the PKF International betwork around the world,
  • support in negotiations with contractors,
  • debt recovery support,
  • support in the submission of applications / submission of applications on behalf of the entrepreneur for distribution installments, deferment of tax/advance payment, ZUS contributions or cancellation of tax liabilities/Social Insurance:
    • factual analysis and recommendations in the following areas:
      If the tax payment deadline has not yet expired, we offer the application for:
      • deferral of the payment date of ZUS tax / contributions or
      • spreading the payment of ZUS tax / contributions into installments.
      If you have already arisen a tax arrears / ZUS, we offer an application for:
      • deferment or installment of tax arrears / ZUS with interest for late payment or
      • deferral or installment of interest on unpaid tax advances / ZUS contributions,
      • cancellation in whole or in part of tax arrears / ZUS, interest for late payment or extension
      • fee.
    • editing the application
  • support in submitting applications / submitting applications on behalf of the entrepreneur for the transfer of funds from the VAT account to the company's current account:
    • analysis of meeting the criteria,
    • preparation of the application,
  • support in submitting applications / submitting applications on behalf of the entrepreneur for a refund of overpayment of tax:
    • analysis of documentation and criteria for applying for a VAT refund within 25 days,
    • support in preparing the application / declaration.
Raising capital

Our offer in this area includes:


  • analysis of the company's situation from the point of view of the possibilities offered by the Financial Shield, taking into account its size, type of conducted activity and achieved sales revenues,
  • an indication of possible solutions to improve the operation of both during and after the crisis,
  • advice on how to use financial assistance solutions,
  • support in the preparation of relevant applications necessary to obtain funds from the Financial Shield.

Financial Shield support includes, among others:

  • subsidies,
  • loans,
  • bonds,
  • guarantees,
  • subsidies for interest rates on loans and leasing.

Its solutions are offered by:

  • PFR S.A.,
  • BGK and
  • ARP S.A.

Can be used for:
obtaining additional financing and extending or renewing its existing sources.


Anti-crisis and Financial Shield solutions can be helpful in a short period of time. They can also turn out insufficient or unavailable for some companies. It is worth thinking about other sources of financing.

  • Analysis of the possibilities of obtaining support from EU assistance programs taking into account the specificity of the entity and solutions offered during the crisis,
  • Advice on developing applications and documentation needed to use EU funds,
  • Analysis of possibilities and support in obtaining financing from capital investors, of the nature:
    • equity
    • debt


Regardless of the chosen model and sources of raising capital as part of a wide range of our services you can count on our additional support.

  • Support in the preparation or verification of business plans and models, plans and summaries financial developed for the purpose of obtaining financing,
  • Valuation of assets constituting collateral for bonds, loans and borrowings,
  • Advice on financial restructuring of the enterprise,
  • Advisory services related to cost optimization and improvement of business processes.
Coroporate Governance

Our offer in this area includes:

  • preparation of internal corporate documentation regulating competences and manner of operation company bodies guaranteeing due diligence,
  • developing appropriate regulations regarding the meetings of the Management Board, Supervisory Board and General Meetings of Shareholders and General Meetings remotely, i.e. using means of communication electronic,
  • support in the implementation of written votes,
  • proxy assistance in the organization and participation in Shareholders' Meetings / General Meetings,
  • handling of proceedings in the National Court Register.

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