The current crisis associated with COVID-19 is a huge challenge for managers, and in the dimension of companies and organizations - it is often a struggle for life.

There are winners and losers in every crisis. However, to win, we must first survive and defend what we have, and then - reborn better and stronger. For this you need current knowledge as to what and how exactly you need to do. The next step are actions that will turn into the expected results.

Our PKF team consists of legal advisors, financial analysts and tax advisors will help you find yourself in the difficult economic situation related to the SARS-CoV-2 virus epidemic, as well as in the new reality that awaits us after its end.

We know the possibilities provided by the Anti-Crisis Shield and help entrepreneurs to use them. We also know what - well-known legal solutions - you can use to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis and better organize your business in new circumstances.

Are you afraid that:

  • there is not enough money for salaries and the dismissals are the last, what would you like to do?
  • you do not have the option to pay the loan installments and would like to negotiate its terms?
  • customers will delay payments and you would like to monitor it, secure yourself?
  • you do not have money to pay tax obligations and ZUS charges?
  • suppliers will not provide materials and you will not perform contracted contracts?

Do you need money to keep your business going?

  • new revolving loans
  • investment loans
  • loans
  • factoring, leasing
  • partner with cash contribution

PKF experts

It is a dedicated team of lawyers, tax advisors, restructuring advisors, management, controlling, human resources and payroll experts, which supports employers in obtaining possible support resulting from the regulation of the shield, in all institutions participating in the participation of funds and in all forms of debt relief through cancellation and deferral of payment dates.

We are looking for support for an entrepreneur both in the forms resulting from the regulation of the shield, as well as in areas covered by the issues of banking, civil, corporate, tax and generally - broadly understood commercial law. We analyze, prepare applications on behalf of the client, negotiate and create internal regulations.


What we do - support areas:



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