We offer rating services through public and non-public credit rating, as in these uncertain times risk needs to be analysed. 

Credit rating is an independent evaluation of an entity’s creditworthiness, determining in a standardised way the investment risk, usually in relation to debt securities.

Credit rating may cover:

  1. The issuance – the evaluation object is the issuer’s ability to fulfil their obligations related to the given issuance,
  2. The issuer – the evaluation object is the issuer’s ability to pay the whole debt issued,
  3. The issuance programme – the evaluation object is the issuer’s ability to fulfil the obligations arising from the series issued as part of a bond issuance programme.

The credit rating is usually divided into:

  1. National and international rating,
  2. Long-term and short-term rating,
  3. Rating for national and foreign currency debt,
  4. Solicited and unsolicited rating,
  5. Public and non-public rating,
  6. Ongoing, periodic and one-time rating.

The rating object can be: general financial credibility, bonds, short-term bonds, swap transactions, preference shares, securitisation, certificates of deposit, financial plans, financial guarantees, insurance policies, structured financial instruments.

The credit rating services we render include consultancy on the improvement of creditworthiness, non-public ratings and – in conjunction with a rating agency – the preparation of a public rating.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the evaluation of creditworthiness and risk analysis, as well as numerous projects implemented with a rating agency, we are successful in the creation of the financial credibility of our Clients on the international capital market.