Public sector

Thanks to the division of work, responsibility and risk, the most economically effective way to develop infrastructure and provide public services is achieved under PPP. 

In Poland, recovery of fixed assets means that gross capital expenditures in the public infrastructure sector should reach about PLN 1,150 billion in 2011-2022, with the annual financial gap (missing resources in the public sector) in 2011-22 between PLN 116 and 197 bn (in constant prices as of 2009). One solution to this situation is the implementation of projects carried out by public-private partnerships, where it is the private partner’s obligation to provide the project’s financing, or the implementation of hybrid projects combining the use of public, private and EU funds. The development of public-private partnerships in Poland and an increase in the financial involvement of the private sector could effectively contribute eliminating the financial gap, as the Maastricht Treaty has ordered the removal of infrastructure investment financing out of the budgets of local government bodies. In many countries, such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, this has led to dynamic development of PPP projects and an increase in the capital commitment of the private sector.

We offer the following services to public sector entities:

  • identifying available possibilities for implementing investment undertakings together with a private partner;
  • financial, economic and potential risk analyses;
  • risk pricing;
  • investment market analysis;
  • legal services in relation to the whole process of private partner selection – from execution of the tendering procedure, to negotiation with participants of the proceedings, to signing of an agreement with the private partner;
  • monitoring the implementation of the provisions contained in the agreement concluded with the selected investor;
  • developing draft PPP agreements;
  • training in planning, preparing, implementing and settling undertakings carried out under the PPP format.

By working with PKF, public bodies will be able to:

  • speed up the investment processes in infrastructure projects;
  • implement projects more efficiently;
  • lower the total cost of the undertaking;
  • improve the quality of public services rendered thanks to PPP;
  • have the possibility of generating additional income.

We also help our clients with:

  • obtaining EU funding;
  • obtaining funding on the Catalyst bond market;
  • receivables purchasing – legal and financial counselling;
  • sale-and-leaseback – legal and financial counselling;
  • municipal bonds;
  • innovation and technology transfer – management and commercialisation;
  • counselling services as part of environmental protection schemes;
  • public procurement;
  • investment management.
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