Human resources management

Human resources management includes the following processes:

  • Employment of a new employee

The process automates and improves the employment of a new employee in the company, taking into account the necessity of providing specific tools and assigning an appropriate authorization level.

  • Changing the employment conditions

The process was developed in order to maintain the clarity of staff management in case of promotion or a change in the scope of duties within the current organizational structure.

  • Management of applications for leave

The process allows for fully automatized filing of applications for leave. It also automatically checks the amount of leave available and takes into account the Project Manager’s consent, in case the employee's absence could affect the project schedule.

  • Management of business trips

Full automation of the process of filing applications for business trips. The process allows for central booking of a means of transport and accommodation, as well as automatic calculation of the business trip’s financial settlement.

  • Management of periodic medical examinations and occupational health and safety training courses

The process automates the management of periodic medical examinations and sending employees to occupational health and safety training courses. It is a necessary automation that minimizes the risk arising from the work of an employee who was not appropriately examined by a doctor or trained.

  • Termination of the agreement and settlement with the employee (checklist)

Automation of the termination of the employment agreement and the settlement between the employee and the company by means of filling in and approving an electronic checklist. Increased business safety and improved control of settlements with employees.

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